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Hi all,

What a wonderful world we live in! I would like to share with you all what I saw through my lenses.

Most of my pictures with wild color come straight out from my camera with little or no photoshop.

I have a passion for capturing lives, characters, colors, etc. I work per project basis -- Wedding photography, Events / Corporate / Product photography. Rates are upon request.

My experiences are ranging from being an official photographer for the top of world DJ's concerts, shooting for art gallery party, vintage classic car restoration projects, karate tournaments, to baby photo session, 1 year old birthday party, etc. I went shooting from the tallest sky tower in Bangkok to the shack in the middle of no where, if God of Art calls me. There is nothing too big, or too small. It might be harder for you to get a hold of me, but it will be worth it (self advertising .. LOL... ;-)

It's a busy world out there that I try to slow it down and capture the beauty of the moments. One photo at a time ...


I appreciate everyone’s support, and ordering is easier than ever! Rest assured, you will have the best possible, high-quality prints on real light-sensitive photo paper-straight from a pro- photo lab.

Don’t sacrifice quality for price. By using Smugmug's professional printing services, your photos will come out with outstanding results! (Instead of printing from a consumer grade ink “squirting” printer ☺ )


NOTE: The watermarks will not appear on prints that you order through this site.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
My email: ekapol_jka @ yahoo . com

Peace and God bless,

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